Cheese & Charcuterie

each selection $6

brillat savarin

   french triple cream cow's milk cheese, paired with fig preserves 

english cheddar

   english cow's milk cheese, paired with fresh apple 


   spanish soft goat's milk cheese 


   spanish semi-firm sheep's milk cheese, paired with quince paste 

calabrese salame

   spicy salame by olli 

molisana salame

   classic salame with black peppercorn and garlic by olli 


   speck cured and smoked ham by olli 

hot coppa

   cured pork shoulder by olli

all cheese & charcuterie served with crackers

all charcuterie served with grain mustard & cornichons


each selection $4


   greek mix. 

briney, salty, delicious!

marcona almonds

   spanish style almond. 

like normal almonds, on steroids.

"crack" corn

   they're popcorn, no, they're corn nuts, no... ?!?!?! 

these things are crazy addicting.

food service hours are limited.

please no outside food and/or beverage